Live Blogging & Information Overload

This is what I wrote down in my phone during my spare time yesterday, when I was at a university information day. I walked over wooden benches ninja-style, bought a banana smoothie and, among other things, got information overload.

*     *     *

I’m currently sitting in the shade by South Lawn. I just got out of the Diploma in Languages and French sessions. Jacqueline, our speaker, was really lovely. Like one of those ladies you want to sit and have tea with. I just bought a Coke too…and as soon as Sacha comes out I NEED LUNCH! Then we both have 30 minutes to eat and get back to the Public Lecture Theatre to hear about Media & Communications. I’m actually excited about that subject. This day is super-hectic; my timetabled mind and I are perfect for this! I have heaps of questions running around my mind, (like, so many that I can’t form them into separate, meaningful questions) so I hope my student advice session will help. I’m kinda anxious about that too, but the rest of the day has been fine, so I’m sure it will be too. Still many more talks to get to, but for now I’m just waiting and doing my best to look calm and cool and totally unfazed about sitting alone. I plan to master this.

UPDATE: Sitting cool again. Well, actually, it’s boiling hot. I jammed in a psychology session and found out that English & Theatre can be mainly Literature subjects. YES! I LOVE LITERATURE! I’M GOING TO READ ALL THE BOOKS! Now I’m waiting for Creative Writing…gotta find Tanya. I’ve narrowed down my questions to a top two, and I already talked to the English advisor. Go me!

ANOTHER UPDATE: I’m home! My feet hurt! I didn’t get super lost! I’m pretty sure I get the gist of things now, “Everything’s as clear as mud?” I feel accomplished – I didn’t cry or scare any strangers (at least no more than they deserved) and all I have left to do is choose my classes!


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