asdfghjkl$! NERVES!

Round One University offers were today and…guess who’s been offered a place? This girl! I feel like I should be excited but I’m actually more nervous in a ‘I kind of want to throw up rather than be independent and thrown into awkward social situations in which I do not deal well’ sort of way. Okay, terrible sentence, but I won’t delete it because I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to explain my feelings better than that. I just get so nervous leading up to big things like this.

BUT! I found some common ground in a blog link on the university’s website that’s written by first-years, so that was kind of like coming home, or like reading a language I actually understand. Not fancy, cheesy brochure language. It was funny, relatable stuff. Blog stuff. Talking about “UAS” which were “Unforced Awkward Silences” or something. I calmed my nerves by reading a whole year’s worth of entries by this one girl. Now it seems just a little less daunting.

Sorry that this post is not 100% Koala Tea*, but it was a good whinge for me. And maybe a good cringe for you. Apologies.

*(quality – I remember reading that somewhere on the internet),


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