Mission: Make Blog Awesome

Hello Internet. Hi there! Okay. I’m going to quote the magazine article to my left about resolutions for 2012: “Day 16: Don’t put it off…TODAY’S TASK: Do the one thing that you’ve put off for ages.” I’m not usually one to resolve, at least not consciously, but when I read that it instantly came to mind. Blog! I’ve been meaning to start for…hmm…let’s say, 3 months? Is it four? Have I secretly been destined to create a WordPress since infancy? It’s one of life’s great mysterys. Mostly I hadn’t started it because I was waiting for the right idea, or story to tell, because I knew that if I started on a whim (like I’m doing right now) I’d surely be discussing the merits of the dictionary or wondering-out-loud how to use words like “defenestrate”, “scuttlebutt” or “paradiddle” in everyday life (see here) in a matter of seconds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

Actually, when I think about the numerous blog posts I’d written previously, (most were on Myspace…because I found the idea of my writing being hidden in a secluded, long-forgotten corner of the internet and therefore avoiding judgement extremely comforting), none of them really made any sense, nor had an ongoing motif for more than a paragraph or two. Maybe that’s my style.

But I want to improve my writing skills, if I can, because I think there’s something really special about good writing – whether it’s the kind that makes you philosophize or the kind that is just leg-smacking hilarious and makes you burst into fits of hysterical laughter until you’re crying and you feel you must share with the rest of mankind. Yes, I’m enthusiastic about this guys.

One of my favourite* bloggers at the minute is crazy talented with an extraordinary knack for telling funny life stories as if they’re happening in the moment. 100% hilarious. So my plan is to get out into the world and do as many random things I can in the hopes that I might get something interesting to write down. Not that you can really plan for bloggable moments to happen to, but I’ll certainly make myself open to them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

*As indicated by that annoying squiggly red line underneath the word, I am being told that I have spelled “favourite” wrong. But in Australia that is how we spell it and I am sticking with it. Unless I’m wrong. Oh God. 


5 thoughts on “Mission: Make Blog Awesome

  1. No no… You are quite right. We spell favourite here in South Africa just like you. 🙂 We’d say it differently, but its a blog so it doesn’t really matter. 😉

    So glad you have taken the leap! Welcome. There are some lovely writing peeps to connect with here. Happy blogging!

    • One of my favourite things about blogs is that I find myself imagining what the person writing sounds like when they’re talking. And thank you! I’m new so I’ve still got a bit to learn!

  2. DUDE! YOU HAVE A BLOG! I will follow it with the single-mindedness and zeal of a really, really dedicated stalker. That sounded less creepy before I actually typed it out, but, well, there ya go.

    And for the record, I’ve always wanted to spell things like “favourite” and “colour” because it just looks so awesome and proper. But I’m afraid someone will call me out on it. You, however, have the power. Own it.

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