Posted in January 2012

When Sheets Attack

Hands up if you had a dream about a flying chicken last night. Well I did, and that’s irrelevant. I just recently put a new set of sheets on my bed, and was SO ready to turn in for the night. There I was, just about to enter an altered state of consciousness, alpha waves turning to … Continue reading

Live Blogging & Information Overload

This is what I wrote down in my phone during my spare time yesterday, when I was at a university information day. I walked over wooden benches ninja-style, bought a banana smoothie and, among other things, got information overload. *     *     * I’m currently sitting in the shade by South Lawn. … Continue reading

asdfghjkl$! NERVES!

Round One University offers were today and…guess who’s been offered a place? This girl! I feel like I should be excited but I’m actually more nervous in a ‘I kind of want to throw up rather than be independent and thrown into awkward social situations in which I do not deal well’ sort of way. … Continue reading

Mission: Make Blog Awesome

Hello Internet. Hi there! Okay. I’m going to quote the magazine article to my left about resolutions for 2012: “Day 16: Don’t put it off…TODAY’S TASK: Do the one thing that you’ve put off for ages.” I’m not usually one to resolve, at least not consciously, but when I read that it instantly came to … Continue reading